Étudiante au doctorat

Doctorat en littératures d'expression anglaise (Université Laval)

Directeur de recherche: Jean-Philippe Marcoux

Co-directrice de recherche: Marie-Eve Bradette

Titre de la thèse: "Body and Sexual Politics in the Poetic Works of Black and Indigenous Female and Queer Authors"

My research delves into the intersections of literature, race, gender, sexuality, and decolonial studies, focusing on the poetic works of contemporary Black and Indigenous female and queer authors. I examine how these writers challenge normalized discourses of bodily dispossession and white supremacy that have historically marginalized and suppressed racialized and sexualized bodies in North America. I investigate poetry as a medium for re-inscribing the body as a decolonized space from which cultural and political renewal can emanate.